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Quality Olde English Bulldogges

girlNatural born bully’s are the founder’s of the rare coloured Olde English Bulldogges here in the UK.

“A new creation for the bully generation”

Not only were we the first to bring the incredible Dutch lines over to the UK we are also the first to bring over the top quality lines from different states in America.

girl_littleAt the beginning it was a struggle to introduce the imported lines to the breeders here in the UK due to most of them not wanting any change, most saying “no need for imports”!.

It took some time before folk started to realise we brought them over to stay no matter what others thought. Prior to the oldies, we bred English Bulldogs and had headache with their health issues, skin, eye’s, breathing difficulties etc this was due to them being so inbred and line bred “man” being the problem by creating train wrecks ! So we moved onto the Olde English Bulldogges to bring new blood to the table for not only us but for others who breed the Olde little-botEnglish too.

We never understood why others here in the UK didn’t see this as a good thing! Anyways seven years on from the first imports we have now sold pups to England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, eight other European countries and a few states in America. The good old saying is ” if you can’t beat them, join them” So they did. We here at Nbbz have a great extended family.

We bred the most exclusive, exotic rare coloured Bulldogs known to man, we specialise in health and conformation of our dogs, With us you get what you pay for.

“Most will try but never succeed”.


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